February 16, 2019


The UEC strives to fulfill its purpose in three aspects:

to express faith by serving Kyiv - Containing a multilingual book collection, modern computers, a printer, and an enormous collection of CDs and videos, the vast, continually expanding UEC library strives to meet the needs of a diverse cross-section of the Kyiv community. Students find its resources invaluable in their studies; working adults frequently peruse and enjoy its extensive collection; and Christians old and young delight in the multilingual theological section that ranges from a special C.S. Lewis collection and apologetics to daily devotional writings and missiological theory. Maintaining this free service, unique to Kyiv, is one of the primary missions of the UEC.

to encourage faith by facilitating community
- The UEC seeks to establish and facilitate an atmosphere replete with Christian love and values. All of the UEC staff members actively participate in local churches and continually endeavor to become acquainted with and treat patrons of the UEC with a respect and warmth that is rare in Kyiv’s working world. Furthermore, various Christian groups use the UEC facility weekly, the only possible place some can hold their meetings. Church small groups, leadership training, and one-on-one conversations constantly occur in reserved rooms of the UEC. People flock to the UEC for various reasons, but the UEC attempts to create a Christian atmosphere that touches them all before they leave and invites them to join its warmth and family.

to expand faith by endorsing education
– By proving a venue for both English language and Christian education, the UEC serves the educational needs of the local community and local churches. Various courses and workshops in English as a foreign language regularly use the UEC facilities as well as one-on-one conversation and instruction. Furthermore, Bible studies and classes, such as those of the local Nivky Church’s “Study Center,” meet at the UEC to teach young Christians about theological subjects ranging from systematic theology to world religions or about particular aspects or books of the Bible, such as Isaiah or the Life of Jesus. The UEC also provides a place for visiting foreign preachers or scholars to present teachings and seminars. Through the use of its facilities and by promoting events to its patrons, the UEC encourages and makes possible further education for the Kyiv and Christian communities.